Marjan Kataroski

Festival Director

I am glad to greet all participants of International festival «X Dance» which is unmatched n scale and grandiosity of dancing event. Every year geography of this festival becomes wider, and the number of participants is growing. These facts give the Festival a confidence that some new dancing horizons and kindling talents will be discovered. I wish all participants and guests of the festival a success on the way of creation.

Sanja Sutevska

Artistic Director of the Festival

This festival celebrates dance in all its forms and styles. The refinement, elegance, dignity of the classical ballet, the energy of the modern dance, its dynamique that captures and enchants us with its movement in space. Provoked and motivated by the art of Terpsihora we will try to make every next edition better than the previous one so that this way we could grow into one of the best festivals in this region. The dance has a unique, perfect and original language, therefore I invite you to dance together.